2018 Winner Profile

Workday, Inc.

Project Description:
Workday Inc. protects sensitive data for millions of workers and operates in a dynamic environment where technology is constantly evolving and new security threats appear daily. Securing its customers' data is a top priority for Workday so the company needed a tool for its security risk program that would be flexible in supporting the rapidly changing needs of its business and help reduce its security risk. To that end, Workday has created a security risk management tool (RMT) that was implemented in its security incident event management (SIEM) application, providing a comprehensive platform to capture, assess, prioritize and remediate security risks. The tool allows flexible reporting and interactive viewing to support audiences from risk analysts to senior executives. RMT supports the security team as they evaluate security risk alongside other business risks with executives. It provides the basis for the Workday's security strategy, driving security and product investment decisions. RMT has enabled the company to better evaluate and mitigate its security risks, which is central to its goal of protecting customers' data.
Business Goal:
Security & Risk Management
Diana McKenzie, Senior Vice President and CIO
Aneel Bhusri, CEO
Pleasanton, Calif.
Computer Software
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