2019 Winner Profile

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Project Description:
Stress endured by parents with babies in the newborn/infant intensive care unit (N/IICU) is associated with postpartum depression, fatigue and anxiety. To reduce this stress, the hospital installed a video camera at each bed, allowing families to see babies anytime, anywhere when they cannot visit. Currently, over 100 cameras are installed, with over 115,270 family views logged so far. According to an anonymous survey sent to families during early implementation, 73% answered that it often or always made them more confident in their baby's doctors and nurses, and 70% reported that the camera system allowed them to do other things in their lives that were important (other child care, work, etc.). Those using the camera also reported lower levels of stress in three domains assessed by the Parental Stress Scale.
Kisha Hortman Hawthorne
Madeline Bell
Philadelphia, PA
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