2019 Winner Profile

Cornell University

Project Description:
Cornell has redesigned a platform that connects students with thousands of learning opportunities beyond the classroom. That front-end is paired with CRM tools behind the scenes to help advisers engage with students, provide support and resources, and understand the impact these programs have on students' success. Currently, more than 700 programs are listed on the website, which has had 26,000 visitors since its launch in January 2018; 41% are new visitors and 59% are returning visitors. And the university has saved money by retiring legacy websites, custom applications, and third-party point solutions. But the true ROI of this initiative will be realized through the engagement data that the university is collecting as students move through the many sub-journeys (research, study abroad, engaged learning, fellowships) of their overall Cornell experience.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
David Lifka
Martha Pollack
Ithaca, NY
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