2019 Winner Profile

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Project Description:
The OSR is a website, a build site, and a discussion site to help students and builders quickly and collaboratively build a rover and customize the engineering, science experiments, and programming. It's an open source scaled down version of the six-wheel rover design used by JPL to explore the Martian surface. Its design consists entirely of off-the-shelf and inexpensive 3D-printed parts, with a total cost of less than $2,500. OSR was built in 10 weeks by two JPL interns who partnered with experienced roboticists. The project, among other things, yielded a realization that open source can help JPL build the next generation of rovers faster, cheaper, and better. It also created a new way of working for JPL and with industry that led to a 10x increase in speed, at one-tenth the normal development cost. Finally, the new way of reaching schools, students, and 1 million builders has proven 500 times more popular than prior attempts.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
James Rinaldi
Michael Watkins
Pasadena, CA
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