2019 Winner Profile

Ginnie Mae

Project Description:
Ginnie Mae is implementing a broad-based IT-modernization strategy. The goals include: Providing a flexible and scalable platform and infrastructure to support major business applications; improving user experience; advance Ginnie Mae's access to data and analytics; and transforming its business processes. Technologies being adopted include a software-defined data center, pervasive automation and optimization; security with machine learning; real-time operations and analytics; and rapid prototyping methods. The human component is also getting a makeover, with team reorganization and new communication methods. Although the project is ongoing, it has already enhanced IT controls, reduced costs and automated some processes. Ginnie Mae benefits from greater uptime while decreasing resource-heavy and bottleneck-prone processes, allowing expert staff to be more focused on other optimization activities.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Barbara Cooper-Jones
Maren Kasper
Washington, DC
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