2019 Winner Profile

J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management

Project Description:
The Tax Lot Harvestor is a real-time, scalable data analytics tool for minimizing capital gains and tax impact on a stock portfolio. Managers at J.P. Morgan previously spent up to seven hours per portfolio performing manual analytics on tax lot data to devise optimal trades to execute during quarterly portfolio rebalancing. Harvestor was designed to handle trillions of tax lot records and apply tax strategies to harvest gain/loss efficiently. Its analytics engine leverages big data and machine learning techniques to return results within milliseconds, generating a 99% improvement in time compared to manual analysis. The application consists of a small number of processors (services) that are highly specialized and can run in parallel to provide scale and fast response times.
Business Goal:
Financial Impact
Michael Urciuoli
Jamie Dimon
New York, NY
Financial services
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