2019 Winner Profile

Centura Health

Project Description:
In 2015, the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that just 1% of the patient population drives over 23% of the cost of healthcare in the U.S. Centura, which runs a hospital network in Colorado, created a system with process automation, advanced analytics, and machine learning to identify the highest-need patients, intervene as early as possible, and direct them to appropriate care. Centura leveraged existing data storage, system integration and analytics tools, techniques, and platforms in new ways to harvest, merge, curate, reform and analyze information. The orchestration of technologies is critical for optimizing efficiencies for the care coordinators. As a result, a process that used to take 30 to 80 hours each week to manually assess patients is now down to less than 10.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Ken Lee
Peter Banko
Centennial, Colorado
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