2019 Winner Profile

Cox Communications

Project Description:
The Employee Digital Experience Lens project leverages millions of datapoints generated by real interactions and robotic simulation to quantify user experience before and after any changes. This allows IT to anticipate and resolve issues before they impact users. The project is an integrated technology stack designed to proactively simulate, and then track in real-time, the actual impact of planned change and unanticipated events upon the health and experience of employees' technology systems, processes, and applications. The system uses device and user sentiment data and analysis to gain insight into employees' digital experience and, in turn, anticipate problems and resolve them quickly. So far, the project has resulted in up to 27,900 fewer service desk transactions, a 12-minute reduction in outage impact per employee, and increased PC lifecycle compliance. In the coming year, the Employee Digital Experience Lens is expected to deliver zero-touch self-healing or self-service resolution for up to 60% of detected issues without a user contacting the service desk.
Business Goal:
Employee Experience
Johannes Eckert
Pat Esser
Atlanta, Georgia
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