2019 Winner Profile

EURPAC Strategic Partners

Project Description:
The Eagle Eye project gives the company's 2,300-member retail sales and service team clarity on where to apply labor hours by day, person, and product. It fuses data from a wide variety of sources across the lifecycle of a product — brand strategy, marketing plan, retail space allocation, production plan, supply chain, sales, survey, and consumer feedback — into a single integrated picture. EURPAC management uses this information to precisely apply labor when and where it is needed across 26,000 products in 2,500 retail stores in 19 countries. The project has been a key contributor to EURPAC's best-ever top-line revenue, operating margin, profit, and shareholder value. Simultaneously, Eagle Eye reduced the cost of field labor by 22%. Since launching the project, EURPAC's share in the grocery channel sales increased by 28%.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Mike Skinner
Jed Becker
Dallas, Texas
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