2019 Winner Profile

The LiRo Group

Project Description:
LiRo has made more precise the connection between a physical object, such as a building it's creating, and its digital version, known as a 'twin.' The company's doing this via capture tools, custom automation, and cloud-based applications. Building Information Modeling (BIM), a longstanding concept in construction, at LiRo involves a 3D spatial database of a building project. LiRo's using BIM to better analyze, visualize, and communicate building information throughout the different construction phases. As a result, LiRo's realizing benefits including reduced risk, faster delivery, and higher-quality output throughout all phases of the project lifecycle. Notably, over 1,200 serious issues have been detected, triggering design changes before construction began.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
John McCaffrey
Luis Tormenta
Syosset, NY
Construction and engineering
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