2019 Winner Profile

University of North Texas System, IT Shared Services

Project Description:
After three failed data warehousing attempts, UNT was awash in data yet still informationally challenged. Data were in silos and unhelpful for complex questions. Decision makers found themselves struggling to leverage data to address challenges. Data governance was non-existent, analyses involved manual coding, and analytic/predictive capabilities were not on the horizon. All that has changed. The Insights project leverages hardware and software to maximize large volumes of data, and has helped change the culture within the university so more groups of professionals engage. UNT saved over $1 million in the first year, increased four-year graduation rates by 2.1%, and reduced the time needed to earn a degree.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Rama Dhuwaraha
Lesa Roe
Denton, Texas
Higher education
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