2019 Winner Profile

KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corp.)

Project Description:
The EN:TER project has two main goals: Create an open energy market, and create a data sharing platform. The company wants to connect startups, suppliers and customers in various energy business segments. EN:TER consists of a web portal and mobile app, and supports an open API and developer kits. It provides 122 types of data, including average electricity consumption per region and power supply statuses. KEPCO intends to evolve EN:TER into a national electricity data hub by integrating the data of its 22.5 million customers and 10 million customers of private electricity providers. Member utilities have access to data for planning and other purposes, and consumers now require fewer visits to their utilities and waiting time is reduced when they do.
Business Goal:
Competitive Advantage
Jonghwan Lee
Jong-Kap Kim
Naju, Republic of Korea
Electric utility
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