2019 Winner Profile

McDermott International

Project Description:
In 2018, McDermott began its merger with Chicago Bridge and Iron. The IT & digital team expanded to 600 people, processes duplicated, and the systems landscape grew four times more than what McDermott had supported in 2017. To ensure continued growth during the merger, the team executed a cross-functional technology strategy that included the launch of a cloud ERP system; a 'smart bidding' capability via a new enterprise content management system; strategic pillar platforms for HR, quality and corporate finance; and around 20 other major projects to drive productivity and efficiency across the combined company. They delivered 99.3% on-time, while also ingesting 154 new business requests to support ongoing operations. Billions of dollars were saved in areas such as reducing technology obsolescence, procurement policy compliance, and decreasing project administrative activity.
Business Goal:
Strategic Impact
Akash Khurana
David Dickson
Houston, Texas
Construction and engineering
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