2019 Winner Profile

SUEZ North America

Project Description:
The overall goal is to help SUEZ's water customers control their environmental footprint via eight initiatives, including an Alexa skill that allows customers to access key account information through a voice interface. SUEZ also provides a gamifying experience, awarding points as customers complete enrollment tasks, and gives customers visualizations of their daily consumption data across their accounts and the ability to benchmark against other similar customers. Conservation goals are tracked in real time with smart metering data. All the new platforms are flexible, cloud-first, and were built to allow for continued enhancements. Over 30,000 direct debit subscriptions have been submitted online, and 89% have been processed without manual intervention, reducing employee time by 2,257 hours.
Business Goal:
Customer Experience
Michael Salas
Eric Gernath
Paramus, NJ
Environmental services
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