Why is Observability Essential?



Many of us will have heard the phrase ‘observability’, but what is it – and why is it important? Mark Woods, Chief Technical Adviser, EMEA, at Splunk explains everything you need to know about observability and why it’s here to stay.

In this video, you’ll hear about why making systems observable is so vital to running a modern organization and gaining a complete, full-picture view of your operations.

More than 90% of companies are using one or more cloud environments, so it’s more important than ever to gain a clear perspective of all applications, infrastructure, networks, and the cloud.

But observability, explains Woods, extends well beyond traditional monitoring capabilities. It allows organisations to clarify and understand business impact, and crucially, enables them to fix problems in increasingly cloud-native environments, or even prevent them in the first place.

Finally, Woods offers best practice advice about how leaders can start to achieve observability in their own organizations.