Why Multicloud is the Secret to Faster Innovation



The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the rate of trends that were already occurring: flexible working environments, omnichannel retail and banking, innovative digital experiences, telehealth and e-learning. And the widespread acceleration of cloud adoption is no exception.

In a time where supply chains were disrupted and business models were forced to change, technology and business leaders turned to cloud services to support their rapidly evolving needs. Organizations stopped asking, “Should we move to the cloud?” and now find themselves facing instead: “Cloud happened. Now what?” To answer this question, Splunk assembled some of the smartest experts around to focus on the intersection of business, technology and data in a new podcast series, “Cloud Happens. Now What?” Their panel of thought leaders covers topics that help you stay one step ahead of the challenges — and take advantage of the opportunities — that multicloud and hybrid cloud environments present.


In the third installment of "Cloud Happens. Now What?", Splunk spoke with Liam Rogers, a research analyst at 451 Research. In the conversation Liam pointed out that using multiple clouds allows organizations to innovate by taking advantage of cutting edge, proprietary services —- as long as they’re able to use data to manage the resulting complexity. Check out Liam’s report in collaboration with Splunk, Driving Innovation with Multicloud and Observability, for more on this topic.