CIO Live Webinar: The CxO Connection: How can IT and marketers collaborate in the hybrid World?

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While their respective practices can seem, at first, worlds apart, CIOs and CMOs may be more aligned than they realise. Both want operational speed, agility, and efficiency, but they'll often be coming at those end goals from differing perspectives.

Day to day, the process-oriented world of IT and the creativity associated with marketing could be taken as chalk and cheese. But the reality is that the field of marketing is more technology led than it has ever been, and that modern organisations need joined-up, end-to-end thinking. Every part of a business has an impact on the other, including at the CxO level. In fact, CMOs and CIOs could learn much from each other.

The negative results from running a siloed organisation couldn't be starker. According to the Future Vision Of Marketing Operations whitepaper, 40% of marketers report that they receive inadequate support from other teams, while 28% say their top workplace challenge is siloed systems and data. This tangle of siloed systems and time spent navigating internal complexities means more than half of creatives surveyed claimed that they had to abandon ideas because they didn't have the time to pursue them.

CIOs might be more inclined to getting involved in the software deployment stage, and then stop there. However, the return on investment for organisations comes from using technology solutions enough to glean value from them. So how can CIOs contribute to realising that overall investment?

In software and engineering, DevOps - the practice of merging developer and operations teams to work together towards a common goal - has found great resonance. But the underlying principles behind close-knit collaboration, agile, and continuous improvement should not stop there, and they can be applied outside of the engineering world too.

CIOs can help fine-tune software and processes to improve usage, integration, and maximise the value on offer. Marketing leaders, conversely, can apply this technical nous and process-led approach to achieve better results - and especially to tick compliance boxes in highly regulated industries - creating a complementary feedback loop.

This 30-minute webinar hosted by IDG with Accenture and Workfront an Adobe Company, will set out to prove that IT and marketing don't have to be at odds: they can complement one another powerfully. It will touch on the numerous pain-points mentioned in the Accenture whitepaper, but crucially, respond to them with experience-based advice on how to overcome these challenges. We'll also emphasise how these functions can help one another achieve hybrid models around the future of work as countries begin to move out of lockdowns.

It will spotlight and contrast the differing perspectives from the CIO and CMO side, and linger on how these practices can support end-to-end delivery on everything from procurement through to execution - illuminated by real-world examples.

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