According to analysts at Gartner, 51% of IT spending will move from traditional solutions mission-critical workloads - including application software, infrastructure software, business process services and system infrastructure markets - to the public cloud by 2025. However, on-prem data systems will continue to play a defining role in how organizations operate. A significant amount of complexity associated with managing on-prem and cloud infrastructures offered by multiple providers will have to be managed for the foreseeable future.

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Discussion topics include

  • The strategic role of infrastructure visibility in optimizing performance and reducing risk through technology modernization and migration initiatives
  • The operational considerations for ensuring infrastructure transparency as new cloud infrastructure services are adopted and on-prem systems are modernized
  • The investments in talent, change management and technology that should be considered to ensure enterprise-wide infrastructure visibility
  • The technology management principles that can guide decision-making processes in complex environments that simultaneously manage on-prem and multiple cloud infrastructure services

Who’s this for?

  • IT & security executives (director level and above)
  • Organization size: 500+ employees