As enterprises spread workloads across an increasingly complex array of on-prem and public cloud resources, it has become increasingly difficult to track and monitor traffic flowing through different network infrastructure elements. The resulting opacity has raised organizational exposure to unmanaged risks and hindered the ability of network and security executives to identify threats and minimize vulnerabilities.

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Discussion topics include

  • How complex are your enterprise computing environments today, and what challenges does this pose to tracking and monitoring traffic flowing across the hybrid cloud infrastructures?
  • What steps can be taken to optimize network monitoring across heterogeneous enterprise computing environments?
  • Where should investments be made to ensure the talent, technology and workflows to improve visibility, performance and risk management?
  • What are the technology management principles that should be embraced to enable effective network monitoring strategies?
  • Who's this for?

  • IT & security executives (director level and above)
  • Organization size: 1000+ employees