Attackers are increasingly attempting to accomplish objectives without writing malware. Rather, they've been using legitimate credentials and built-in tools - an approach called "Living off the Land." At the same time, there's still growth in ransomware-related data leaks, supply chains under attack, and both e-crime and nation-state cyber actors. All that requires enterprises to be vigilant and constantly adjust their strategies to stop - or mitigate - cyberattacks and breaches with a cyber resiliency approach.

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Discussion topics include

  • Digital trust and cybersecurity resiliency - how to recover quickly
  • Current trends in ransomware, malware, and extortionware
  • Quantum computing threats: harvest now, decrypt later
  • IoT threat vectors, supply chain, and counterfeit equipment
  • Living off the land, AI, and chatGPT
  • Plugging security talent gaps
  • As-a-Service cyber resiliency solutions

Who’s this for?

  • IT & security executives (director level and above)
  • Organization size: 1000+ employees