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CIO playbook: 10 tips for leading IT in the digital era

From navigating politics to jettisoning ROI, CIOs from Bharti Airtel, Land O'Lakes and the United Nations shared tips for IT leadership in disruptive times during a panel at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

CIO Leadership live with Bernie Gracy of Agero

CIO Leadership Live with Bernie Gracy of Agero | Ep 1

How the roles of CIOs and CDOs are changing and expanding in today’s digital business ecosystem.

CIO Leadership Live EP 02

CIO Leadership Live with Ron Guerrier of Farmers Insurance | Ep 2

How next-generation technologies are helping to shape the insurance industry.

CIO Leadership Live

CIO Leadership Live with Kristin Darby of Cancer Treatment Centers | Ep 3

How IT systems convergence is enabling connected care for patients.

CIO Leadership Live with MITRE Corp.

CIO Leadership Live with Joel Jacobs of MITRE | Ep 4

How IT innovation, from predictive analytics to mobile app development, is a never-ending mission.

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CIO Leadership Live with John Hill of Carhartt | Ep 5

How the evolving role of the IT leader includes an ongoing quest for innovation game changers.

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CIO Leadership Live with Mojgan Lefebvre of Liberty Mutual | Ep 6

How the insurance firm is leveraging the cloud and creating a business-specific data strategy.

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CIO Leadership Live with Klara Jelinkova of Rice University | Ep 7

How the university's GDPR project was an opportunity to talk about data security and privacy.

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CIO Leadership Live with Sanjay Shringarpure of E.&J. Gallo Winery | Ep 8

How the landscape of IT and innovation technologies is changing in the agriculture industry.

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Avoid these digital transformation false starts

Expert CIO Bruce Lee discusses three traps that can trip up CIOs as they drive digital transformation initiatives.

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What is an EPMO? The organizational key to project success

An enterprise project management office (EPMO) differs from a traditional PMO in that it operates at a strategic level in collaboration with executives to ensure projects and portfolio activities are conducting to the benefit of the...

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The future of manufacturing is digital

Forward-thinking manufacturers are moving beyond building great products, undertaking wide-ranging digital transformations to deliver new services and enhanced customer experiences.

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The 7 most in-demand tech jobs for 2018 — and how to hire for them

From data scientists to data security pros, the battle for the best in IT talent will wage on next year. Here’s what to look for when you’re hiring for the 7 most in-demand jobs for 2018 — and how much you should offer based on...

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10 change management courses for IT leaders

Leading change in an organization requires a balance of hard and soft skills. These 10 change management courses will help you strengthen the skillset necessary to lead organizational change.

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The dark secrets of enterprise architecture

Architecture matters too much to entrust to a framework or methodology. But don’t worry: Not having a methodology isn’t a problem; it’s a liberation.

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10 things you need in a CRM vendor proposal (and 3 you don't)

If you're doing a CRM system conversion, expansion, or initial implementation, there are some things you need to look for — and look out for — in a vendor proposal. We'll help you sort it out.

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10 machine learning success stories: An inside look

From chatbots to predictive analytics, IT leaders share how they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate business insights and new services. 

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How to lead a virtual team: 5 keys for success

You've got the tools, you've navigated the logistical hurdles, but you still may not be leading your remote team in the most effective way possible. Here's how to get virtual teams right.

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AI-powered data analytics: Inside this transformative trend

Real-world AI data projects, based primarily on machine learning, are impressive and largely successful. Some CIOs see AI as the most significant trend in IT.

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Cyber insurance: Is it worth the investment?

While cyber liability insurance policies are complex and proving claims can be daunting, CIOs in the midmarket space agree access to resources make the investment worthwhile.

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