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Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd dies

Hurd’s death leaves Oracle in the hands of its other CEO, Safra Catz

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Salesforce certification guide: Your path to a lucrative career

Salesforce certification is a great way to get ahead by proving your skills on one of the hottest CRM platforms today. Our guide to the most valuable Salesforce certifications will help you kick-start your Salesforce career.

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IT Career Roadmap: Infrastructure software manager

A new and growing title in IT, infrastructure software manager is becoming a vital role for organizations, especially those embarking on digital transformations.


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I didn’t expect that

5 unexpected learnings from the past five years of IoT.

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How CIOs stoke the fires for the business engine of innovation

CIOs tell me that they want to do more than align to the business agenda. They want a role in business innovation. But how do they achieve it?

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How RPA helped Thomas Cook optimize finance processes

Thomas Cook India Group has seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years. This raised a need for consolidation and standardization of processes to deliver a better experience for multiple stakeholders. "Not many shared...

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Digital transformation requires the convergence of IT and OT: Daisy Chittilapilly, Cisco

IT needs to be pushed towards the edge of the enterprise, into all functions and divisions, says Daisy Chittilapilly, MD, Digital Transformation Office (DTO), Cisco India and SAARC.

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Commercial space flights will foster new space economy in low-Earth orbit: Ravinder Pal Singh, Air Vistara

Ravinder Pal Singh, chief information and innovation officer at Air Vistara gives us a bird’s eye view of what Indian aviation will look like in 2020 and beyond.

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How H-Energy tackled emerging threats with an agile, scalable security solution

From safeguarding a massive mobile workforce to deploying an agile, scalable security solution, here’s how Vikas Gupta, CIO at H-Energy future-proofed cybersecurity at his organization.

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#CIOChat: Ethics in AI; Will enterprise take note?

During the IDG #CIOChat conducted on April 25, 2019, IT leaders shared their views on 'Ethics in AI: Will the enterprise take note?' on the ethical concerns of the emerging tech, and the road ahead. Here is a recap in case you missed...


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#CIOChat: Emergence of the strategic CIO

CIO India held a Twitter chat on 22 March 2019 on 'Emergence of the Strategic CIO'. IT leaders shared their views on the CIOs’ role and responsibilities beyond IT, and how they are the revenue generators for their companies now.

Design thinking should be at the center of DX: Prashanth MJ, Sutherland Globalinnovation

Design thinking should be at the center of DX: Prashanth MJ, Sutherland Global

Sutherland's Head of Technology Infrastructure and Operations, Prashanth MJ, elaborates on how creating a design thinking model on top of emerging tech is a critical aspect of achieving digital transformation (DX).

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The turnaround: Inheriting digital transformation

With digital transformations either stalled or splintered, newly hired CIOs must pick up where their predecessors left off and remake IT with a singular focus on supporting the business vision.

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Creating the IT culture you need

Re-engineering your culture requires developing new core skills. Learn how three CIOs are tackling IT transformation from a human perspective.

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#CIOChat: Impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity - Is the Indian enterprise ready?

During the #CIOChat conducted through Twitter on April 5 2019 , IT heads shared their insightful views on 'Impact of Quantum Computing on Cybersecurity' and whether Indian enterprises are prepared for this disruption. Here is a recap...