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Creating the IT culture you need

Re-engineering your culture requires developing new core skills. Learn how three CIOs are tackling IT transformation from a human perspective.

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It’s time we found alternatives of Aadhaar for digitization of business processes

Aadhaar has become a single platform without any systemic failover plans in place. And this is Aadhaar’s single point of failure.

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The paradox for modern trade retailers in India

The modern trade retailers are stuck between the disruptive eCommerce business and the neighborhood semi-organized and unorganized retailers.

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Data protection: The role of AI, analytics and the new CDO

As data protection takes center stage in the enterprise, companies will require a chief data protection officer (CDpO) instead of a chief digital officer (CDO).

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The CIO and CHRO – At the intersection of driving human and robot co-existence

The CIO’s job is not just to ensure the efficient handling of the AI objects, but also to ensure that they work without causing insecurity to human resources.

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Can blockchain be the antidote to ransomware?

The technological know-how (of blockchain) that ransomware hackers exploit could also help fight against such attacks.

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Digital health innovation: Addressing the two-canoe problem

How leading health systems are balancing their immediate priorities with investments for a digital future in a value-based care era.

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IT-as-a-business is dead. Long live BusOps

Thanks to digital transformation, technology is embedded in every business process and practice your company relies on. It’s time to take a tip from DevOps, and rethink the business-IT divide.

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Poor cyber resilience: an organization’s Achilles' heel

Research reveals a marked disconnect between the concern over cyber-risk concerns and the overall approach to managing it.

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5 practical ways your organization can benefit from DevSecOps

Behind the buzzword, is there a real need of and value for organizations in exploring DevSecOps? It’s important to understand why DevSecOps matters in this day and age of security breaches and what the pragmatic benefits are for your...

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Information technology – what is it good for?

Technology fads come and go over time but the fundamental business benefits that IT can deliver remain the same. Any technology initiative that can produce dramatic improvements in process automation, data democratization or ease of...

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The new core competencies IT must master

The technical skills that earned you a seat at the table won't earn you a voice at the table. A new set of skills is essential for high-level IT success.

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European Court of Justice 'right to be forgotten' ruling likely to be relitigated

Love it or hate it, it’s clear that whether the EU can apply the GDPR’s “right to be forgotten” globally is in question.

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Are you creating a valuable employee experience?

Are you participating in the generational shift taking place in how companies treat their staff? New research confirms that creating a positive employee experience pays dividends. Find out what it means for you and your organization.

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How to prepare tomorrow’s workforce? Focus less on devices and more on digital thinking

Improving a person’s digital literacy can help them work, think and communicate more effectively in a world driven by technology innovation, notes the CIO at Clemson University. And it all starts by re-thinking traditional approaches...

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An achievable view of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been the holy grail of computing for half a century. And like the mythical cup, it always remains just out of reach But there are ways to deploy a measure of real artificial intelligence that yields...

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Bad beginnings have bad endings

If you get off to a bad start on a project, you may never be able to recover.


8 leadership lessons from Comcast’s Innovator-in-Chief

Comcast tech executive Tony Werner shares what he's learned about great leadership.

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