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Exclusive survey: What 400 IT leaders really think about the COVID-19 crisis

How did IT leaders respond to a world turned upside-down? And how has the coronavirus pandemic changed spending plans over the next year? A fresh CIO survey offers illuminating answers.

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Coronavirus crisis spurs IT innovation

The coronavirus crisis sees CIOs accelerating their adoption of automation, analytics and new processes to cope with the pandemic’s disruptions and steer the enterprise forward in uncertain times.

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Update: Coronavirus prompts collaboration tool makers to offer wares for free

Several vendors, including Microsoft, Google, Slack, Zoom, Cisco and LogMeIn, are making chat, videoconferencing and other collaboration services free as demand for remote working booms.

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CIOs prep for the coming IT recession

CIOs say that the coronavirus crisis has proven the value of IT, especially for organizations that were ready with mobile approaches and where the CIOs were tightly connected to other business counterparts.

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Telehealth booms amid COVID-19 crisis; virtual care is here to stay

The coronavirus pandemic that has erupted worldwide has pushed telehealth to the forefront. It's unlikely remote medicine will go away, even after the current crisis abates.

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How cybercriminals prey on the COVID-19 pandemic

With the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, interest is high in related topics. Accordingly, Unit 42 researchers found an immense increase in Coronavirus-related Google searches and URLs viewed since the beginning of February....

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Lenovo platform to facilitate free virtual education in India

Challenges to education have been exacerbated by restrictions due to COVID-19, especially for those from poorer backgrounds or in remote areas.

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A CIO's checklist for executing the COVID pivot

Simultaneously adjusting to new realities and developing forward-looking plans is near-impossible. This checklist will help you focus your efforts.

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PeopleStrong offers free collaboration tool to help organizations remain productive amid Coronavirus pandemic

How intelligent platform Zippi by PeopleStrong is Helping India Inc. meet deliverables securely in times of COVID-19.

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Secrets of leading productive remote teams

High-functioning remote teams don't just happen. You need a plan to ramp up your team’s virtual productivity.

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Post COVID-19 business models: Finding the new normal

Pivots and process changes, yes. New normal? Not so fast.

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The CIO’s crisis management playbook: 8 lessons in leadership

The coronavirus pandemic has been a litmus test of leadership under pressure. CIOs from the healthcare industry and beyond share tips for leading through crisis.

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Tableau joins effort to fight pandemic with data

Tableau's COVID-19 Data Hub is an example of how data and analytics companies are mobilizing data resources to help combat the novel coronavirus.

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10 ways coronavirus will impact your outsourcing strategy

From business continuity challenges to pricing model modifications, the COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching effects on IT service delivery, as IT leaders adjust and prep for the new, new normal.

COVID-19 Impact on Tech Investments

How COVID-19 is changing IT spending priorities for CIOs in India

CIOs share the ‘what and the why’ on tech investments amid COVID-19.

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How COVID-19 is changing IT project timelines for Indian organizations

A majority of IT leaders surveyed by CIO India say they have deferred or paused IT projects due to COVID-19 — though some say its the perfect opportunity to embrace more tech developments


How COVID-19 is affecting hiring and payroll priorities for CIOs in India

COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to the enterprise door, and CIO India’s survey reveals that it is starting to have a chilling effect on hiring and payroll strategy

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5 ways CIOs can curb costs before recession hits

CIOs can get ahead of any possible financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing corpulent tech portfolios, including extra SaaS licenses and cloud instances, before CFOs come for tech budgets.

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6 tips for innovating through a crisis

Whether innovating for survival or planning for a post-pandemic comeback, CIOs may find conditions ripe to challenge the status quo, remove barriers and make change

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Free online tech courses to boost your skills as you quarantine

Looking to brush up on your tech skills while in quarantine? These 10 free online tech education outlets can help you advance your IT skills during the COVID-19 crisis.

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