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Vast Bank offices

IT key to Vast Bank’s bold bet on crypto

Eager to edge out fintechs and megabanks, Tulsa-based Vast transformed its banking core around SAP to get a jump on the crypto future in the US, says CIO Stephen Taylor.

Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

7 compliance mistakes to avoid

Regulations related to IT systems and data are on the rise. IT leaders must do their part in avoiding common missteps that can lead to hefty fines for non-compliance.

7 tips for better business-IT alignment

In a rapidly changing world, IT and business leaders need to work together to steer their enterprise in the right direction.

Mary Gendron, SVP and CIO, Qualcomm

5 questions with Qualcomm CIO Mary Gendron

A transformational leader explains why IT needs to lead with a business-first mindset.


The Library of Congress goes digital

CIO Judith Conklin discusses the ongoing cloud migration and digitization of the world’s largest library — a massive endeavor to make more of its 170 million assets available to all.

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Promotion tips: How to ‘hire from within’

Tapping current staff for new roles can boost morale, retention, and even recruitment. But considering internal candidates for promotion is not without risks and challenges.

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The secret art of technical architecture improvement

Building effective IT 101: Now that you know what you have in your technical architecture, and how good (or not-so-good) it is, you’re ready to plan for its improvement.

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CIOs blaze new career pathways at the top

Basking in the afterglow of their touted pandemic response, IT leaders are charting new and non-traditional career growth by embracing roles that capitalize on their business-savvy skills.

shankar arumugavelu global cio verizon

Verizon CIO Shankar Arumugavelu on putting emerging technologies to work

Verizon is transforming its business with NLP, machine learning, digital twin, and augmented reality.


Wells Fargo lays foundation for public cloud transformation

The financial firm is poised to launch a 10-year journey to overhaul its operations around a hybrid private and public multicloud architecture powered by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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4 critical success factors for selecting an SAP system implementation provider

In the SAP SI selection process, the traditional approach facilitated by procurement is flawed and fails to account for the complexities of an enterprise SAP SI selection. Here’s how to get it right.

Oliver Skagerlind, global head of client and business solutions and interim co-CIO, Cushman & Wakefi

Cushman & Wakefield dials up property sales and services with digital twins

The commercial real estate firm’s innovation mindset positioned it well to handle a business surge driven by the pandemic.

Shamim Mohammad, chief information and technology officer, CarMax

5 questions with CarMax CITO Shamim Mohammad

Lessons learned from a career defined by disruption

Cloud computing

Top 13 cloud management tools

With enterprises increasingly turning to the cloud, keeping track of instances, resources, costs, and workflows just keeps getting more challenging. These solutions can help.

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Immersive tech reaches critical momentum

Companies that recognize the signal of business change and invest in immersive technologies will capture an expanding market.

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7 data governance mistakes to avoid

These days, every data transaction is a business transaction. That’s why it’s vital to build a data governance framework that’s strong, secure, adaptable, and as error-free as possible.

devops code programming agile digital transformation by florian olivo nathan dumlao via unsplash

8 tips for streamlining legacy IT

Whether for stability’s sake or to support vital business processes, most CIOs still have to retain legacy apps and infrastructure. But that doesn’t have to mean hobbling along.

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Travelers’ Mojgan Lefebvre on the future of business innovation

How will agile teams that flourished in in-person settings adapt to new ways of working and continue to advance business innovation? CIO’s Maryfran Johnson sat down with Mojgan Lefebvre, executive vice president and chief technology...

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