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climbing the ladder corporate ladder cloud career

Funko’s cloud-first future goes all in on CIO’s Microsoft past

The CIO of Funko, a pop culture company that makes collectible toys, is banking on Microsoft software to provide the foundation for digital services.


Driscoll’s cultivates digital strategy with AI, blockchain

The berry producer is exploring emerging technologies to establish a holistic view of the business, from research and development to business operations.

medical health healthcare technology

VITAS improves hospice care with mobile transformation

To accelerate data entry, VITAS Health equipped its clinicians with iPhones and iPads, giving them more time to care for bed-ridden patients. The mobilization paves the way for a greater, cloud-first digital transformation.

Define your organization's culture

CBRE CIO fosters a tech-driven culture

Capital One alum Chandra Dhandapani infused the real estate company with progressive leadership at a time when the industry is turning to cutting-edge technology.

Apple Mac Pro assembly line

5 ways big data will shake up supply chain systems

Big data analytics can provide visibility into where things are, where they should be, and what’s gumming up the system.

hyperconvergence primary

Hyperconvergence paves way to Safelite's digital future

The glass replacement provider has shifted to a hyperconverged infrastructure to help support AI- and IoT-based services aimed at better serving customers, says Matthew Coy Safelite's head of infrastructure and operations.

tree forest perspective

The death of long-term IT planning

A CompTIA survey found that only 34 percent of companies currently develop an IT architecture plan beyond a 12-month window. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Knowing what mountain to climb is important, but so is staying flexible...

hardcore devops fists

Startup harnesses DevOps’ continuous delivery chaos

IT organizations tackling DevOps are spending too much time writing automation scripts. Enter, a startup whose continuous delivery as a service platform seeks to eliminate manual labor and reduce errors.

John Deere farm field

Monsanto finds room to grow with open source software

The agriculture giant is using open source geospatial software to help visualize crop performance and yield information, thereby lowering costs and boosting IT's options to tailor applications for users' needs.

artificial intelligence / machine learning / binary code / neural network

The future of ERP is AI

Despite cultural barriers and legacy tech, AI is poised to take over ERP functions, with ERP vendors adding new machine learning features and enterprises keen to investigate.


The CMO Files: Caroline Mogford, Qualtrics

What keeps CMOs awake at night?

From sea drones to security fire drills: Our interview highlights from 2017

A compilation of some of our best interviews from 2017

cloud computing concept

MetLife renovates legacy IT for the cloud era

Adoption of cloud, microservices and container technologies have helped MetLife pursue a digital transformation intended to boost operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

From AI to zero-day: Our global highlights from 2017

A compilation of some of our best stories from 2017

B2B technology trends 2018: A bluffer’s guide

What you really need to know about the tech trends of 2018

The fog of AI hype will clear in 2018

AI and automation to move from theory to practice in 2018

Africa trends 2018: Improved connectivity will drive tech

Increased connectivity will continue to spur four big tech trends on the African continent in 2018

Middle East trends 2018: Can tech really replace oil?

Many Middle East countries have identified the ICT sector as a necessary investment to secure their future and maintain their wealth

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