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The CMO Files: Susan Ganeshan, Clarabridge

What keeps CMOs awake at night?

Latin America trends 2018: ICT will start to find its feet again

As Latin America makes sense of the political turbulence created by the Trump administration, IT and especially fintech seem to offer a future

blockchain ecosystem

Blockchain pilots show big-business promise

The much-hyped, little-understood distributed ledger technology takes aim at big business, with promising pilot programs and rising demand for blockchain skills, though security and buy-in questions remain.

2018 looks bright for immersive technology

Virtual and augmented reality will continue to change the computing landscape

APAC 2018: Major global player status will ramp up

Asia is beginning to outpace Europe but security is a serious concern

customer love ts

7-Eleven digital transformation ushers in new era of convenience

7-Eleven is testing chatbots, digital rewards, machine learning and other technologies to enhance customer loyalty and convenience. Gurmeet Singh, the company's CDO and CIO, is leading the charge.

North America trends 2018: Tech boom look increasingly negative

From sexism to gentrification, North American tech companies have taken a hammering in 2017, and this trend looks set to continue

101: The quantum vendor market race is heating up

How is the quantum market progressing?


The CMO Files: Mike Volpe, Cybereason

What keeps CMOs awake at night?

Why accessing business data is still a struggle

Permanence is about more than just storage. Enterprise data can be digital or it can be permanent, but can it be both?


Typical 24: Robert Belgrave, Wirehive

What do working professionals really do all day?


The CMO Files: W. Sean Ford, LogMeIn

What keeps CMOs awake at night?


Bob Hammer on 20 years as Commvault’s CEO

Commvault CEO Bob Hammer looks back at a dramatically changed industry

Is Google-inspired ‘moonshot factor’ a new model for tech R&D?

Telefonica’s own Google X looks to deliver a new form of digital R&D in Europe


Typical 24: Helen Sutton, DocuSign

What do working professionals really do all day?

AWS: Bigger than Diageo or BA—and with more to come

Amazon Web Services has an annual run rate of more than $18 billon and is still growing in all directions


The CMO Files: Tim Yeaton, Red Hat

What keeps CMOs awake at night?

An IT insider’s view on a global cross border M&A

The sale of Fitness First reveals the real complexities of integrating disparate IT systems

How many businesses actually use machine learning?

Everyone is talking about machine learning and AI? but how prevalent is it?

cloud architecture skyscrapers

Architecture firm transforms client experience with secure cloud collaboration

Perkins+Will CIO Murali Selvaraj has tapped cloud collaboration and identity management services to help architects and clients better share information on high-stakes projects.

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