CIO Magazine: December 15, 2004

What It's Like To...Be a CIO

No one ever said being a CIO was easy. And over the past few years, it rarely has been. But at least it hasn't been dull.

What It's Like To....Pull The Plug On A Multimillion-Dollar Project

Former CIO (at Dell, Pepsi and elsewhere) and now a frequent contributor to CIO, Jerry Gregoire reveals how he put the stops on a Multimillion-Dollar project.

What It's Like To....Testify Before Congress

CIO for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Kim Nelson informs legislators about important environmental issues by testifying before Congress.

What It's Like To....Be The First CIO Of The U.S. Senate

J. Greg Hanson serves his country as Assistant Sergeant at Arms and CIO for the U.S. Senate.

What It's Like To....Walk Into An IT Disaster

CIO of Follett Higher Education Group, Mike Anderson describes the steps taken to overcome IT mayhem.

What It's Like To....Get The Job

Former Bank One CIO, now corporate CIO for JPMorgan Chase, Austin Adams knows how to get the job.

What It's Like To....Not Get The Job

Former CIO of J.D. Edwards, now President and CEO of Hyperspace Communications, Mark Endry reveals the secret to a sucessful merger.

What It's Like To....Build The World's Most Powerful Supercomputer

Deputy Associate Director of Computation at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Michel McCoy does extraordinary work.

What It's Like To....Be The Fall Guy

What is it like to be in charge of security at a health-care organization? One employee reveals the truth about his job in information security.

What It's Like To....Live In A Two-CIO Family

Lars Rabbe is CIO of Yahoo; Cecilia Claudio is CIO of Align Technology. They've been married 21 years. Claudio recently returned to the states after a 13-month stint as CIO of Zurich Financial Services in Switzerland.

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