CIO Magazine: December 15, 2004

What It's Like To....Save $55,000

Adrian Danescu, Executive Vice President and CIO of Manufacturers Bank in Los Angeles, reveals how to cut cost and save your company money.

What It's Like To....Fire Half Your Staff

Former CIO of Royal Caribbean, Tom Murphy is now CIO of Amerisource Bergen.

What It's Like To....Downshift Your Life

As CIO of the greater New York chapter of the American Red Cross, Leslie Hunt was the Red Cross's Chief IT person in New York City on September 11, 2001.

What It's Like To...Go from CIO to CEO

Chairman and CEO of Farmers Insurance, Martin Feinstein joined the company in 1969 and served as CIO from 1992 to 1994.

Stories We Couldn't Get

There were some subjects that CIOs absolutely, positively would not (or could not) address.

What It's Like To...Send People into Danger

My travels as CIO are hairier than the typical CIO's. In Colombia on the eve of elections, I had soldiers outside my hotel room...

What It's Like To...Bond On Mt. Fuji

The sun was just rising when I met my two colleagues at a train station outside Tokyo...

What It's Like...Be The Last Man Standing

I sat in my hotel room, hundreds of miles from home, wondering what would happen next...

What It's Like To...Work For A 24/7 Entrepreneur

When I first met Brent Hoberman in June of 2003 to interview for the job, I could tell he had tons of energy. During the interview, for example, he checked his e-mail...

What It's Like To...Be An Early Adopter

The RIM BlackBerry may be everywhere now, but in June 2001 it was still a novelty. At the time, RIM hadn't worked out all the security routines necessary for scaling the BlackBerry to...

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