CIO Magazine: April 1, 2005

Everyone Wants Something From Ken

Old Dominion Freight Lines' CIO is competing against companies with more money and manpower than he has. So he has to work harder and smarter than they do.

WANTED: The Best CIO - The Ideal And The Reality

A guide for building the most effective CIO position possible, and a test to assess the state of your own role.

Reality Check

Faced with a mandate to cut costs while creating competitive advantage, CIOs, according to new CIO research, have placed their emphasis on innovation.

Leadership For Innovation

In 2004, you told us about a new mandate emerging for IT: Cut costs, but at the same time enable innovation and create competitive advantage...

New Gains from Proven IT

While every business function benefits from innovation, your efforts are largely concentrated on projects that reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction or create competitive advantage.

9 Keys To Innovation

Shaygan Kheradpir's formula for developing new ideas and making them happen.

Creation On A 30-Day Cycle

Verizon's process for ensuring innovation borrows from the venture capital world.