CIO Magazine: May 1, 2005

Nothing Succeeds Like Succession Planning

New UPS CIO Dave Barnes is the latest product of a culture that values succession planning.

How to Succeed as a CEO

IT succession planning can be a springboard for CIOs who want to move up.

Timing Is Key in Succession Planning

Succession planning requires coordination and corralled egos.

University ERP: Big Mess on Campus

Disastrous ERP implementations have given more than a few universities black eyes. Fortunately, alternatives to these complex integrations now exist.

10 ERP Tips from College CIOs for All CIOs

Don't go to the school of hard knocks; learn from those who've already been there.

The Magic of Positive Politics

Being a CIO in the health-care industry can be a trial. For Sutter Health's John Hummel, practicing the art of political theater helps soften the tribulations.