CIO Magazine: July 15, 2006

Interview with Manpower CEO Jeff Joerres

A global IT strategy promotes business-IT cost-sharing and efficiency, says Joerres.

Philippines Outsourcing Scorecard

A global guide focusing on Philippines

Singapore Outsourcing Scorecard

Singapore offers a great business environment, but costs are so high that companies here send work to China.

Ireland Outsourcing Scorecard

Ireland offers a mature market for offshore call centers, but you won't save money here on labor costs.

Hungary Outsourcing Scorecard

Hungary has become a regional attraction for data center outsourcing work.

Romania Outsourcing Scorecard

Romania offers lots of IT talent, but needs to bolster its weak infrastructure.

Bulgaria Outsourcing Scorecard

Bulgaria is working to renovate Soviet-era telecom and IT infrastructure to help its experienced IT service providers.

Czech Republic Outsourcing Scorecard

The Czech Republic is a popular choice for German customer service centers, though the country's IT processes are still maturing.

Poland Outsourcing Scorecard

European Union membership puts Poland on the map, but its relatively small labor pool for outsourcing work and rising costs are challenges.

Ukraine Outsourcing Scorecard

Political changes in 2004 opened up opportunities for Ukraine's low cost market for IT outsourcing work.

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