CIO Magazine: July 15, 2006

Russia Outsourcing Scorecard

Low rates and technical expertise put Russia on the outsourcing map, but projects there require a lot of risk management.

Israel Outsourcing Scorecard

Israel's capabilities in high-end research and development work make it an expensive option for more routine outsourcing projects.

Ghana Outsourcing Scorecard

Low-cost labor, English language proficiency and government incentives put Ghana on the outsourcing map.

South Africa Outsourcing Scorecard

South Africa: a rising outsourcing option, though its telecom and business processes are less mature than other countries.

Canada Outsourcing Scorecard

Canada is a close and safe option for American companies, but rising costs reduce its appeal.

Mexico Outsourcing Scorecard

With favorable currency exchange and labor Mexico is an attractive destination for Spanish-speaking outsourcing customers.

Costa Rica Outsourcing Scorecard

Costa Rica exports more software than bananas, a sign of its emerging status as back-office and call center hub.

Brazil Outsourcing Scorecard

Latin America's leader in IT services is an emerging option for offshore outsourcing projects.

Argentina Outsourcing Scorecard

Argentina has a skilled workforce and a good (but small) IT infrastructure.

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