CIO Magazine: February 15, 2007

Is Open Source The Answer to ERP?

When Mark Alperin went looking to replace his aging ERP system in 2006, he found himself in the same place ...


Craig Newmark of Craig's List: 5 Things I've Learned

Trust your customers. In the beginning, my idea was to run a site about events in San Francisco. Almost everything ...

Making Decisions Under Pressure

A tragic wildfire provides lessons about how leaders can make the best call when there's no time and no room for mistakes.

User Management - Users Who Know Too Much and the CIOs Who Fear Them

Prohibiting nonstandard technologies is a doomed strategy; here are tips for managing consumer IT in the enterprise environment.

Peer to Peer - A Formula for IT Alignment

Why would someone complete medical school and residency training, then spend a decade in IT to become a CIO? Colleagues ...