CIO Magazine: March 15, 2007

Skype Connects with the Enterprise

Skype says business users grab 30 percent of its downloads, but is the enterprise ready for wider use?


Banks Fed Up With Retailers' Security Gaffes

What makes the TJX data breach different from the many that came before it?

Using Analytics to Outsmart Your Competitors

Tom Davenport's latest book on winning with analytics says CIOs will lead the charge.

Defense Logistics Agency Director on IT's Key Role

Lt. Gen. Robert Dail puts IT at the core of his strategy to make the military supply organization more responsive to the troops in Iraq.

Modular Data Centers Take Shape

After building a data center piecemeal, Bryant University is pursuing a modular design of preconfigured equipment.

Productive Conflict Management for CIOs

Instead of avoiding conflicts, CIOs need to learn the art of productive fighting.

Finding Value in Your Enterprise Search Options

A slew of new enterprise search options can be found at every price, including free. What do you really need to discover true value?

Questions to Answer Before Recruiting IT Staff

CIOs need to take an active role in recruiting IT talent. But before you set out to solve the staffing puzzle, know the answers to these seven critical questions.

5 Things I've Learned About... Web Design: Less Flashy Is More Usable

When it comes to Web design, expert Jakob Nielsen believes less is more and is no fan of complex sites or flashy graphics that come between the user and the content.

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