CIO Magazine: April 1, 2007

India's Unequal Access

Indias urban infrastructure is at the breaking point, threatening its tech boomand the fortunes of its many Western customers.

Five Technologies That Can Help Connect Rural India

The Indian government has decided that the future of the country depends on bringing its people into the information economy.

ITIL Goes Strategic

The new update to the IT Infrastructure Library could help you improve IT-business alignment and focus on service delivery.

Hot Jobs: Program Manager

A program manager oversees a set of interdependent IT projects that need to be completed to achieve a broader goal.

Can IT Make Your Company Green?

Whether corporate sustainability initiatives stem from regulatory compliance or aim to boost the bottom line, IT plays a key role in supporting such efforts according to environmental IT experts from three companies.

Top 10 Priorities of a CIO's Success

CIOs ranked the importance of 30 activities to a CIO's success in the first three months of the job.

Getting Organized at the New Job

CIOs share tips for the first 90 days and beyond.

Early Google Apps Adopters Like the Price

Google has pushed further into Microsoft's turf with a major upgrade of its Google Apps hosted suite.

CEOs Rate IT: Steady But Uncreative

If your CEO is happy with your work, then you should be happy too, right? Maybe not.

Why Small Loans Need Big IT

Try laying out an IT infrastructure when your primary clients live in some of the world's most remote villages.

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