CIO Magazine: April 1, 2007

Mobster Metrics on HBO

With HBO's The Sopranos scheduled to begin in early April, here's a peek at where the wise guys stand, metrics-wise.

The Interim CIO Jinx

The odds of being officially named CIO are not good for internal candidates turned interim CIOs.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Vendors Eye Mid-Market

Enterprise content management software vendors are vying to increase their appeal to midsize businesses.

Three Tips for a Cleaner Data Center

Virtual machines, cleaner power and better equipment will all help save you money.

Why Green IT is Better IT

The costs of ignoring the environment are rising. Energy-responsible practices can cut costs. And IT can lead the effort for corporate sustainability.

Tools to Reduce Your Contribution to Global Warming

Vendors of all stripes, from hardware to electricity, are making it easier for companies to go green.

Efficient Energy Star PCs Could Save Billions of Dollars

Seeking a solution to the PC energy use problem.

Groups Press for E-voting Paper Trail

Voting rights groups called on the U.S. Congress to pass legislation requiring electronic voting machines to have printers attached.

Philanthropy Can Boost a CIO's Career

When you work with colleagues on a philanthropy project, it benefits your career.

How Green Data Centers Save Money

Going green doesn't have to be just an exercise in tree hugging. It can have a positive effect on your company's budget, too.

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