CIO Magazine: April 15, 2007

The World's Best Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Optimizing a WAN has never been more important. Newer technologies are forcing companies to reconsider the trade-offs of class of service, speed, security, flexibility, architecture and cost.

How TerraCycle Built a Corporate Network With Discarded Hardware and Open Source Software

Can you run a business using discarded technology equipment and open-source software? Jon Beyer, the 24-year-old CIO of TerraCycle, does.

Data Point: Consumer Data Storage and Your Company

How important is storage and information management to your companys future? Check out these stats from IDC.

IT at the Department of Defense: Adding Insult to Injury

U.S. veterans of the Iraq War continue to struggle with Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Newspapers Struggle to Respond to Web Challenge

The newspaper business is bad and getting worse. The Web is stealing the industry's readers, advertisers, revenues and even its enthusiasm for the business. But as newspapers struggle to respond, lessons for other industries...

Outsourcing Lessons Learned in China

A U.S. company learns lessons about cost and responsibility concessions when offshoring development.

FlipStart Takes Handhelds Beyond the BlackBerry

For $2,000, you can carry full-blown Windows Vista on a computer about the size of a Tolstoy novel.

Fuel Cells Equal Cleaner Backup Power for Data Centers

In years to come, instead of a battery, a bottle of hydrogen may keep your systems running.

What JetBlue's CIO Learned About Customer Satisfaction

An interview with JetBlue CIO Charles "Duffy" Mees about the issues revealed by the crippling Valentine's Day ice storm.

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