CIO Magazine: May 1, 2007

The Judges of the 2007 Ones to Watch Awards

CIO relies on an esteemed panel of judges to select the Ones to Watch honorees.

Ones to Watch Selection Methodology

A rigorous nomination and judging process guides our picks.

The Importance of a Mentor to an Up-and-Coming IT Leader

Ones to Watch winner Erik Keller notes his rise depends in part on his mentor, who won the award in 2005.

How to Turn Your Employees Into Leaders

CIOs who want to succeed as business partners and strategists can’t do it alone. Success requires unshackling the leaders within your IT organization and letting them run.

Ones to Watch Winners Discuss Keys to Meeting Mid-Market Challenges

Four Ones to Watch winners discuss how they tackle challenges of leading mid-sized organizations.

The 2007 CIO Ones to Watch Awards

The most successful CIOs make developing leaders at all levels of their organization a strategic priority.

2007 CIO Ones to Watch Standout Winners

Learn about the five Ones to Watch honorees who really wowed the judges.

Your Success Is in the Hands of Your Staff

If you want your people to embrace your organization's mission, you have to let them own it. Which means you have to let go. And that takes guts.

Is the U.S. Education System Being Left Behind?

Today, problems with IT education can sabotage our attempts to compete globally, says CIO Publisher Gary Beach.

The Origins of "Geek" and Other Terms of Note

The words we use shape our thoughts. But what shaped the words? Here's where geek and other important terms from the IT business lexicon come from.

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