CIO Magazine: May 15, 2007

Google and Web Search Rivals Battle for Big Bucks on Small Screens

The big names in web search are looking to mobile handsets as the next front in the online ad market.

Boards Should Walk the IT Strategy Talk

Corporate boards think IT's importance has increased over the past few years—but they need to start taking action to prove it, says new research from Deloitte.

Harvard, BBN Use Streetlamps to Light Up Wireless Network

Researchers at Harvard University and BBN Technologies have designed an intriguing wireless network capable of reporting real-time sensor data across an entire city, Cambridge, Mass. Scientists will initially use the CitySense network...

GPS Innovation Gives Weather Bots a New Ride

Warren Jackson, an engineering graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, never cared all that much about the weather. Yet when he scanned news reports about how the National Weather Service and independent researchers...

Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers with IT

CXO Media CEO Michael Friedenberg shows why you have to keep investing in new technology.

Put the Emphasis on "P" for Process in Business Process Management

BPM needs to be about business processes and not just the tools that help you manage them.

Ideas for Attracting Young People to IT Careers

Few students are choosing technology careers. Five experts in IT education and training suggest ways to reverse the trend.

IT Leaders Need to Keep Business Partners in the Loop

IT accountability doesn't mean IT monopoly. Columnist Michael Schrage shows why IT execs must involve business and tech experts in technology decision making.

CIOs Need to Look Beyond IT to Lead Business Innovation

To innovate, CIOs must focus on interacting with business colleagues and customers, Editor in Chief Abbie Lundberg argues.


5 Things Carly Fiorina Has Learned About Leadership

Thoughts on leadership, ethics and the 21st century from Carly Fiorina, HP's former CEO.

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