CIO Magazine: May 15, 2007

CIOs Need to Look Beyond IT to Lead Business Innovation

To innovate, CIOs must focus on interacting with business colleagues and customers, Editor in Chief Abbie Lundberg argues.


How to Educate Your Business Leaders About IT (Without Alienating Them)

And why: Better IT education of the business leads to alignment, which leads to better technology strategies, which lead to competitive advantage.

The Strategic CIO: Using Leadership Skills and IT to Create Competitive Advantage

Two veteran CIOs provide advice on how to take the CIO role -- and the role of IT --to a higher level.

How to Package Yourself for a New CIO Job

It pays to treat an IT executive job search like a product launch, with branding and marketing along with interviews.

What The World Is Flat Means to IT Outsourcing

The future of IT outsourcing is about disaggregating IT processes -- and then figuring who is best equipped to handle them and where they are located. Here's how to do it right.

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