CIO Magazine: June 1, 2007

Why Software As A Service (SaaS) Could Be Good For CIOs

Software as a Service gets CIOs talking about business value. And that's a good thing.

Five Approaches That Don't Work With the CEO

Don't adopt one of these five personas when pitching ideas to C-level executives.

When Your Move Up Doesn't Fit

If you become CEO or COO only to decide you want to be a CIO again, that's fine: People will respect your battle scars.

A Search Engine for Open-Source Code

Krugle aspires to be the Google of software code search: It even refers to itself as a verb.

The Truth About Software as a Service (SaaS)

Vendors say software as a service will cut costs and increase efficiency. They say it's enterprise ready. Does that sound too good to be true? It is.

How to Recruit Talented Tech Workers to Out-of-the-Way Places

Luring good recruits is hard for mid-market CIOs, harder still if you're located outside technology hot spots. Check out these winning strategies.

How Agile Development Can Lead to Better Results and Technology-Business Alignment

Studies show agile development works, and yet few companies follow its principles. Learn how to get more agile.

Three Approaches Companies Use for On-Demand Computing

Definitions for three popular uses for on-demand computing.

Include Management Costs When Calculating Software as a Service Benefits

Why total cost of ownership calculations for software as a service contracts are tricky.

Five Tips for Recruiting Tech Workers to Out-of-the-Way Places

Far from the big city attractions? No fancy salary to offer? Here are five ways to lure talented people.

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