CIO Magazine: June 1, 2007

How to Conduct an Effective Investigation

Investigations advice for professionals who need to establish what happened in a situation requiring review.

Why We Need to Invest in Internet Security

Every transformative, disruptive change to business requires serious investment to pay off. The Internet is no different.

How GE Uses Six Sigma to Drive Security ROI

Examples of how GE's security chief applies process improvement methods to manage security risks.

Pentagon Taps Contractors for Federal ID Card Project

The goal: provide credentials for private-sector contractors to access to federal facilities and IT systems.

The Biggest Challenges Facing Spam-Fighters

Fighting spam is an uphill battle. This story explains why.

CSO Survival Strategies

Few CSOs last more than a few years at a given place. But one, who's been with the same company for more than a decade, shares some basic CSO survival skills that have aided that longevity.

How Online Criminals Make Themselves Tough to Find, Near Impossible to Nab

New antiforensic tools threaten to render computer forensics investigations cost-prohibitive and digital evidence-gathering unreliable in court.

Why Software As A Service (SaaS) Could Be Good For CIOs

Software as a Service gets CIOs talking about business value. And that's a good thing.

Five Approaches That Don't Work With the CEO

Don't adopt one of these five personas when pitching ideas to C-level executives.

When Your Move Up Doesn't Fit

If you become CEO or COO only to decide you want to be a CIO again, that's fine: People will respect your battle scars.

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