CIO Magazine: July 1, 2007

The Web 2.0 Craze Sounds a Bit Like, Well, the Web 1.0 Craze

A critical look back at the hype surrounding Web 2.0 and how it compares to the dotcom boom.

The Future Leadership Strategy of the CIO

The Future-State CIO program is focused on making the future happen by advancing the CIO profession and helping it to play a larger role in driving, not just enabling, business strategy.

General Electric IT Executives More Receptive to Recruiters

GE has been a great talent pool for companies seeking CIOs, but tough for headhunters to crack. That may be changing.

Advice on Reaching Out to Business Partners and Effective Leadership

IT executives need to find collaborative business partners. Leaders listen a lot so they can tell what motivates people to act.

Why IT Executives Split Staffs to Create Supply, Handle Demand for Technology Services

Read here for insights into how CIOs are dividing their staffs to do both strategic and tactical jobs.

Intel’s E-Mail Overload Solution

Intel discovered that its employees were wasting about six hours a week on e-mail. To fix that, it instituted new processes to enforce good e-mail etiquette and behavior.

In Search of the Right Search Technology for Your Customers

Can you increase sales by improving your external Web search strategy? CIOs who've done it share their secrets.

Wireless Drives Vending Machines To the High End

With new wireless technologies, vending machines can sell whatever can be crammed into them regardless of price.

How CIOs Can Learn to Love IM Messages, Social Networking Sites, Blogs, Wikis and Other Tools of User Empowerment

A guide to how CIOs can learn to live with and profit from consumer technologies.

The Power of Persuasion

How smart CIOs create partnerships and alliances to carve out a powerful role for themselves and their organizations.

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