CIO Magazine: July 1, 2007

In Search of the Right Search Technology for Your Customers

Can you increase sales by improving your external Web search strategy? CIOs who've done it share their secrets.

Wireless Drives Vending Machines To the High End

With new wireless technologies, vending machines can sell whatever can be crammed into them regardless of price.

Privacy Advocates Resist REAL ID Act

Some states, privacy advocates have joined to fight the 2005 federal law aimed at better validating identification.

How CIOs Can Learn to Love IM Messages, Social Networking Sites, Blogs, Wikis and Other Tools of User Empowerment

A guide to how CIOs can learn to live with and profit from consumer technologies.

The Power of Persuasion

How smart CIOs create partnerships and alliances to carve out a powerful role for themselves and their organizations.

Questions about The Power of Persuasion

How CIOs can forge internal relationships and exert influence within the organization.

Google Does Evil

Judge Google by its actions, not its self-proclaimed benevolence.

Solar Power to Fuel Cell Phones

Motorola has found a way to keep your mobile phone charged using only sunlight.

Hot Jobs: Windows Administrator

The Windows administrator’s role is key to a company’s smooth operations.

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