CIO Magazine: July 15, 2007


A Four-Point Crisis Management Strategy from the CIO Of US Airways

US Airways CIO Joe Beery shares how he meets challenges from his perch at the center of a turbulent, demanding industry.

Why Has Strategic Execution Remained a Problem for 25 Years?

Researchers cite a 90 percent failure rate among companies trying to execute their strategies. What's up with that?

Taking Virtual Servers to the Next Level

Smart CIOs are using virtualization to deliver results for the business like lightning-fast provisioning and greatly improved disaster recovery.

How a Midsize Textile Maker Uses Technology to Compete Globally

The textile manufacturing industry shipped out a generation ago. But a midsize North Carolina company uses IT to bring home the profits of globalization.

Pegasystems CIO Tells Colleagues: Drink Your Own Champagne

"We've essentially become a living laboratory," Jo Hoppe says of her approach to testing Pegasystems' BPM software, which lets business users design their own applications.

SEC Plans Radical Revamp of Web Data

A new online system will truly digitize SEC financial records, utilizing extensible business reporting language (XBRL) to make data more interactive.

AMD Project Brings Web Access to Third World

AMD's 50x15 initiative stresses the use of alternative sources of sustainable, affordable power.


Five Things Alph Bingham Has Learned About Collaboration

Innocentive cofounder Alph Bingham on why open collaboration is here to stay.

Landing Your Next Job

CIOs share the tactics they used to land the top spot.