CIO Magazine: September 1, 2007

How to Protect Consumer Data Privacy: A Proposal

CSO conducted an online discussion forum among legal and security experts, with some consumers weighing in, and came up with a proposal for a national data breach privacy law.

Hacktivism Hits State of Michigan's Website

Protesters express their displeasure about state government services in Michigan through attempted denial-of-service attack.

The Global Impact of Identity Management

John Clippinger, an Internet and society scholar, argues that user-centric identity management software can help national security and the global economy.

How Establishing a Security Management Team Allows Leaders to Focus on Strategy

Team-building efforts are about more than performance enhancements. They are about empowering people to make decisions so leaders can pursue strategic gains.

Brand Aid for A Manufacturer's Online Property

Service providers vie to scour the Web and safeguard your brand. Here's an example of how it works at KitchenAid.

Britain Pushes The Limits of Modern Surveillance

British citizens are debating the latest government surveillance efforts that both see and hear, with references to George Orwell, among other privacy complaints.

IPv6 Checkup Time

Despite the hype, U.S. enterprises seem to be in no hurry to adopt the next-generation Internet protocol. Here’s why.

Hotel Room of the Future Packs Tech Toys

After polling frequent travelers on the ins and outs of hotel rooms, the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals gave the traditional model a makeover.

Mid-Market Suites Tune In to iPhone, PDAs

With the help of three new partners, NetSuite now provides extensions to its hosted mid-market applications suite so it will run on mobile devices.

What's Next for Housing Industry CIOs

The housing market is experiencing its deepest and most protracted slump in years, but for all intents and purposes, management inside the housing industry has remained relatively stable.

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