CIO Magazine: September 15, 2007

Be Here Now

This simple dictum has power beyond the obvious, whether you are pursuing a turnaround in your company's fortunes, or seeking personal fulfillment.

How To Do Storage Virtualization Right

Virtualization can help you radically speed up backup and disaster recovery, while trimming costs. But do not bring your old ideas about storage management.

Open Your Doors to Innovation

Is R&D a core competency you have to own? Not if it costs too much and bogs you down.

Containing Supply Chain Costs Won't Help Customer Service

Business needs to align strategic goals with supply chain priorities.

Collaboration for Innovation: How to Bridge the Gap

Everyone admits that collaboration for innovation is good. It’s also rare. And when it works, it’s beautiful.


Five Things I've Learned About Change

Change leadership guru professor John Kotter says that personal change hasn't always been easy for him.

Why Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue Thinks IT Can Make Government Work Better

As a small business owner in the days before the Internet, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue was an early LAN and e-mail adopter who learned to program in Unix. But he won't deploy the latest and greatest technology for state agencies unless...

Collaborative Innovation: Five Steps to Successful Technology Partnerships

More companies are turning to outsiders for help with innovation. Three CIO 100 winners learned how to get the most from a partnership with an industry peer.

How to Make Nice

Stepped on a few toes lately? Executive coach Susan Cramm offers tips for winning back your estranged colleagues.