CIO Magazine: October 1, 2007

20 Years of IT History: Connecting Devices, Data and People

The story of the past 20 years of technology has been all about connecting the dots between computers, data and the people who use them.

CIO to CEO: Dawn Lepore's Lessons Learned

Dawn Lepore won Web success as CIO of Charles Schwab. Now CEO of and a CIO Hall of Famer, she tells her own CIO that all IT investments should be customer-focused.

The CIO Hall of Fame: 20 IT Leaders of Accomplishment

Meet the 20 CIOs whose influence and accomplishments have earned them a plaque in CIO's Hall of Fame.

20 Years of Following the CIO

We hope you enjoy our 20th anniversary package as we look back on the past and forward into the future—and connect some dots along the way.

Looking Back: The Growth of the CIO Role and IT Value

From green screens to flat screens; from a desk in the basement to a seat in the boardroom. Twenty years of the CIO role in review.

Talking About IT's Business Value

An IT report to the business should never be about IT.

Get a Grip on Vendors

A VMO can help you squeeze the most value from relationships with tech vendors, consultants and outsourcing firms.

How to Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

More CIOs now view spreadsheets in the same light as floppy drives and dial-up modems: They're dumping these IT relics for powerful BI applications.

How to Move Up During Restructuring

A restructuring doesn't always mean you're going to lose your job. Here's advice on how to move up instead of out.

When Times Change, Leaders Obtain New Skills

CIOs today need a broader set of competencies to succeed in the C suite

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