CIO Magazine: October 15, 2007

Reader Q&A: Advice for Managing Business Meetings

In person or via teleconference, improve your decision-making processes in the meeting room.

What a "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control" Economy Means for Business Leaders

Changes in IT and customer expectations mean business executives need to be more customer-focused than ever.

What Does It Take to Get IT Outsourcers to Innovate?

IT leaders say they want outsourcing providers to go beyond traditional services. And the providers want to market themselves as partners in innovation. So why isn't it happening?

Want Innovation from Outsourcing? You Have to Pay for It

To get new ideas from your outsourcer, you have to be willing to rethink your approach, including how you pay for the services.

IT Value Metrics: How to Communicate ROI to the Business

CIOs are always faced with pressure to justify their IT expenditures. Now, new research can help correlate those IT dollars spent with business value accrued.

Relationships: CIOs Are People Who Need People

Solid relationships are the foundation for nearly every professional ambition a CIO could have and they shape the enterprise’s perception of its CIO.

CRM's Integration Blues

On-demand applications like have many advantages, but can they integrate easily with your other core apps? Results still vary.

Mobile Phones Help Secure Bank of America Transactions

SafePass program designed to fend off Trojan attacks for online banking customers.

The Trouble With Online Collaboration Tools

Everyone wants to collaborate using IT. The problem IT leaders cite: A lack of integration among the tools, and frustrated end-users.


5 Things I've Learned About Privacy

Information ethicist Dr. Larry Ponemon worries society will give up on privacy ideals as protecting personal data becomes harder.

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