CIO Magazine: November 1, 2007

As the IT Role Changes, So Does the CIO

Today, the CIO's enemy is IT itself. More specifically, it's the way IT is changing.

No More Outsourcing: Call It Sourcing

Using the term "outsourcing" indicates that in the company's collective consciousness there's some imaginary line being drawn. On one side of the line it's us, and on the other, it's them.

Connected Executives Have to Prove Their Leadership Worth

CIOs brought in by the CEO need to realize that existing staff may be reluctant to open up to them because they know the new CIO has a direct line to the CEO.

Sales Spread Across Online, Catalogs, and Brick-and-Mortar Shops

Retailers need multichannel approach to succeed.

How to Lock Up Laptop Security

Haven't encrypted your laptop fleet yet? There's no excuse for that choice anymore. Check out today's smart strategies for improving laptop security—before the next machine disappears and puts your company's reputation and your job at...

Career Equation: What You Know + Who You Know = Success

Former Wal-Mart CIO Randy Mott and his ex-colleagues are a who's who of corporate IT leadership

Think Globally, But Let Managers Decide Locally

In a networked world, big companies need systems that distribute decision making

How to Lead Your Industry

Most CIOs leverage their enterprisewide view of business operations. The CIO of Options Clearing Corp. must cultivate industrywide leadership to succeed in a time of unprecedented growth.

IT's Third Epoch...and Running IT at Google

If there's anyone who understands the impact of consumer technology on the enterprise, it's Google CIO Douglas Merrill. He believes we're not only entering a new business epoch; it's one in which IT leaders with real technical skills...

How Wal-Mart Lost Its Technology Edge

Two decades ago, the world's number-one retailer used IT to reinvent global supply chains. The world caught up and now Web 2.0 technologies are forcing retailers to pay more attention to customers. No longer a leader, Wal-Mart's IT is...

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